If you do not have a user name and password, simply enter your request for user/password at the bottom of the home page and one will be emailed directly to you. Please include your store number in the request.

The site will lock you out after 3 incorrect entries. To confirm or have your password reset, enter your request at the bottom of the home page. Please include your store number with this request

You can log into your account and choose "Orders". Choose the order you wish to track. If it has been shipped, a link to the fed ex tracking can be chosen to track your order. If the order has not been shipped and you wish to inquire about the shipment, you can enter the order number and send an email request at the bottom left of the landing or home page.

The majority of orders are shipped within 48 hours. Certain items such as clips, channel strips, starbursts and core wraps should arrive within 5 days of placing an order. Custom products such as textiles and premiums will take additional time to receive. If you have a deadline for these items, please include those deadlines in the "Notes" section of the ordering screen.

Items within your order may be shipped separately and you may receive multiple shipments depending upon what you ordered. If you have any questions regarding receipt of an order, include your order number and submit your inquiry at the bottom of the home or landing page.

Include your order number and details of request in the bottom section of the home or landing page.

You may check on back order status by submitting a request for information at the bottom of the home or landing page.

Contact Diane Browne diane.browne@awginc.com

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