Consumers trust what they know.

That single fact can be the cornerstone of establishing your business as not just a place for shoppers to buy essential items, but as an individual brand, encompassing a complete shopping experience for your customers featuring their preferred products, store-exclusive services & a changing array of fresh seasonal treats.And one of the best ways to establish that is through signage. It's there 24/7, working to impress shoppers with your dedication to freshness, service & product variety, plus publicize upcoming events, community involvement & department features. Consistent themes, graphics, slogans & colors help create an image of continuity in your customers' minds. They'll know what to look for when it's time to buy groceries: the store that has everything they need & want. Your store!

Today's consumers are constantly bombarded with information about products & where to buy them. Make your business stand out from the crowd by making every holiday & special-event day a "big deal" - not just in terms of cash savings, but as a stand-out, destination occasion. Special themes, graphics & slogans, all tied to a particular day or event & featuring your individual store's "brand" can make a run-of-the-mill promotion into a sales-generating happening. Catch attention with banners, posters, A-frames & feather banners to get casual passers-by into your parking lot. Tell everyone what's on sale & what your event is all about with easel stands, danglers, floor stand posters & colorful flags or seasonal cut-outs. When they're ready to make their purchase, put important information right at their fingertips with shelf talkers, rail strips, wobblers & brightly colored pricing signs. Let your signage do the talking!

Creating a unified store "brand" is a proven way to create consumer confidence, promote in-store services, attract new customers & above all, increase sales! Call Randy today at 913-288-1609 to discuss signage & promotional ideas that will wow your shoppers.

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